How to Make Nail Art?

How to Make Nail Art?

Nail art has started to attract great interest in our country as well as abroad. Nail art, as the name suggests, turns nail decoration into an art. Making nail art is a very different event than applying nail polish. In recent years, the preferences of women in nail decoration; monochrome nail polish was abandoned and patterned nail polish was used instead. It was quite popular to use spotted, evil eye beaded or even cracking nail polish.

So how to make nail decoration?

Let’s talk about the products you will need for nail art.

  • You can use the nail polish of your choice provided it is not dark colored. You can achieve beautiful results using gray or white color.
  • Find a field with small fonts from newspapers. Prepare this article by cutting. There is no harm in cutting large.
  • Transparent nail polish (Top coat) and water

First, carefully apply the nail polish of your choice (in the desired color) and wait until it is dry. Then cut one of the newspaper pieces that you cut for your nails and soak them nicely. Be careful not to slide, gently press down on your fingernail and wait a minute. Then carefully remove the newspaper from your fingernail gently. Use the same procedure on all your nails again carefully. At the end of this process, apply nail polish and dry your nails.